We are an innovative graphic design studio specialised in
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We're focused on creating beautiful and affordable designs for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Whether you're just starting out and need a comprehensive branding package to help keep your brand professional and consistent or you're already established and want to focus on boosting your social media presence, we can help. We make work that you can be proud of.

Our aim is to create something meaningful.

We believe your logo should convey your brand’s message. It should be distinctive, well designed and simple but most importantly, it should be meaningful to you. We work with you to understand the story behind your brand to design a logo that clearly represents your brand and its message.

We work in stages, making sure we get feedback from you throughout the process to ensure you’re completely happy with the design before we move onto the next iteration. We’ve found that efficient communication throughout the entire design process is the key to producing work that you’ll love.

Logo design and refresh

Work with us to create a unique logo to represent your brand. Whether you’ve had the same logo for years and want to modernise it to reflect your current brand, or you’re just starting out, we have the experience to help you create something special. Work with us to create a logo that represents your brand and it’s values.


Brand style guidelines

Create a visual rulebook with us that clearly defines the look and feel of your brand. It ensures brand consistency throughout social media and all your business documents. Style guidelines allow you to easily communicate your brand’s unique identity within your business or to designers you may work with, which helps you keep your brand message clear and consistent throughout all your projects.

Brand refresh

We work with you to update your current brand to reflect your brand’s essence. We use your current brand as inspiration to build something that reflects all the changes your brand has gone through, and where it is now. We refresh any elements you feel need updating, which may include your brand’s logo, colours, typography, social media or stationery application.

Social media design

We create eye-catching social media design for all social media platforms, customised to fit your brand’s aesthetic. As well as creating custom posts, we design social media kits, which consist of a set of easy-to-edit templates personalised to your brand’s style and social media needs. Our professionally designed social media content helps set your brand apart on social media, and helps you achieve your goals.


Business presentation design

We create professional powerpoint business presentations. We can create custom presentations based on your specific requirements and content, or easy-to-edit templates personalised to your brand’s identity. Our presentations help you keep your ideas clear and concise, allowing you to focus on the presentation itself, instead of the design aspects.


Stationery design

We create custom business stationery designs for your every need. We can create any stationery you might need, including but not limited to, email signatures, business cards, letterheads, brochures, pamphlets and certificates.

Our Team.


We’re a talented sibling design duo. We created Sketch My Brand together because we share a passion for visual communication and design.



“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”

Dieter Rams

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