What makes our process great?

The most important part of our entire design process is to constantly┬ástay connected with your brand’s message, that way we can truly reflect the complex essence of your brand in something as simple as a logo. Our process is specifically designed with that goal in mind, as well as streamlining the design process to work in the most efficient way possible.

Building in opportunities to connect with you during each of our stages allows us to create a dialogue with you, and lets us communicate openly and clearly with each other so we know we’re always working towards the same goal: a logo you’re proud of.



Our logo design process.


We work with you to find out more about your brand's story. We want to know how you see your brand and find out what logo styles and colour palettes appeal to you.


We search for inspiration based on your directions, and research the industry you're in to see what others in your field do well and how we can set you apart.


We roughly sketch out our initial ideas and get you to narrow it down to your favourite designs early in the process so we can develop them further.


We polish your favourite design concepts so you can select the best option for your brand.


At this stage we encourage you to test out your favourite design option by sending it to your friends, family and even clients for their opinion. It's helpful to receive feedback from a diverse group to see if your logo appeals to different demographics.


We make any final alterations you want and refine the logo until it's perfect for your brand.


We present you with several logo variations based on your brand's needs, for example, your primary logo, horizontal logo, logomark etc. and show you the best way to apply each logo variation.


We provide you with a beautiful logo in vector format so it retains clarity at any size, along with all the working files.